Color Space™

Introducing Color Space™, a new scientifically-driven hair color line founded on industry-leading research into the science of color.

Color Space™ Launch

Color Space™ was born out of the desire to create scientifically-backed hair color products that help salons thrive. Watch our founders Ray Civello and Lupe Voss talk about developing color space and get behind the screens look of our first campaign shoot.

Color Space™

When you join Color Space™ you become part of a community of colorists, educators, salon owners and product innovators. Our mission is to bring genuine care to the world of hair color through superior products, transformative education and a profitable business model. Find out what Color Space™ can mean for you.


We believe power should always be placed in the hands of salon owners and hair colorists. As decision-makers, you have the power to choose better for your salon, your team and your clients.

Intercoiffure Spring 2021 X Color Space™

Watch our first campaign with Intercoiffure.

Intercoiffure Spring Atelier 2021 with Color Space™

Get the exclusive behind the scenes look at our fist campaign shoot with Intercoiffure.

Intercoiffure Spring 2021 X Color Space™ with Peter Gray

Watch Peter Gray talk about our beautiful, diverse models featured in our spring Intercoiffure Spring 2021 shoot.