Ray Civello’s career has always been colored by creativity and experimentation. For more than 40 years Ray Civello has been a revolutionary figure in the beauty industry, starting with the Rainbow Room - a salon/creative experimentation space.

Ray opened Cloutier, a talent management agency while simultaneously launching Civello salons in 1985. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to pioneer Aveda in Canada as Collega International in 1994, a venture that was responsible for distributing to over 700 salons, 4 Institutes and Academy Salons nationwide, 17 retail stores and 5 highly successful Civello salons across North America. He was also Aveda’s Creative Director and V.P. of Global Education.

Ray was one of the first to create a different model for beauty and wellness by combining a hair salon, a spa and a retail store in one place - a revolutionary change that is now commonplace in salons worldwide. Ray has always believed in the importance of high-quality customer service and offering a unique, high-touch sensory salon experience. 

As an invited expert, Ray has shared his knowledge of the beauty industry through TV appearances and various speaking engagements such as hair shows, lectures, motivational presentations and business seminars. 

Wanting to give back to his community and the world, Ray has been dedicated to supporting access to water and education in developing nations. He led his salon partners in raising over $2 million through various clean water initiatives. He has published two books, Mucherla Global School and One Life, together these books raised $200K for charities that support these causes.


Lupe Voss began her career as an educator in 1998 and hasn’t stopped seeking new ways to color hair since. A gifted and passionate educator, Lupe has helped countless colorists around the globe to flourish in their career. She also founded and co-owned the highly successful Julian August salon in Redlands, California for 32 years.

Her enthusiasm and unparalleled technical abilities has led to her success as one of the most desirable color educators in North America, with full classes and empowered students. Lupe founded the Hair Color Magic™ education program through which she has primed and inspired countless hair industry professionals to pursue their creative dreams. She brings that same passion and dedication to CS Ed. education program.

Her educational philosophy teaches creative placement, technique and the art of formulation for unique and flawless, customized color. Lupe is known for her technical acumen and "real-life" classroom style. She has a passion for learning and a heartfelt desire to make learning fun. A truly warm and caring individual, Lupe epitomizes the true spirit of inspirational education.

She loves interacting with colorists outside the classroom and is very active on social media as a way of reaching out and engaging with audiences from around the world.