Color Space™ is an innovative color line that is ready to disrupt your hair coloring experience and revolutionize the world of hair color. We used innovative thinking when we collaborated with hair color geniuses to establish the 1st uniform neutral scale of color based on the Munsell Hue test, setting a new industry baseline. We stand for something bigger than hair. We champion those who create and crave color.


We believe power should always be placed in the hands of salon owners and hair colorists. As decision-makers, you have the power to choose better for your salon, your team and your clients.

We’re all time-strapped, which means there’s no room in the day for hair color that doesn’t showcase your team’s expertise and make your clients look as good as they feel.
You have the option to choose best vs. better quality products, a hair color line that isn’t complicated and is dynamic enough to simplify your work behind the chair.


CS ED’s immersive and interactive hair color education programs teach you the skills you can take to the salon the very next day. Our classes cover everything from hair color basics to training your eyes to better perceive color. Learn techniques, formulations, how to improve the client experience and soft business skills in our online and in-person classes. We offer free weekly Instagram videos to inspire you to live and create fearlessly.



When you join Color Space™ you become part of a community of colorists, educators, salon owners and product innovators. Our mission is to bring genuine care to the world of hair color through superior products, transformative education and a profitable business model. Sign up and our partner engagement team will be in touch in 48-72 hours