3D-EMI Opening Order

3D-EMI Opening Order

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The Creation of 3D-EMI was stemmed from a revolutionary idea that emerged during our collaboration with haircolor geniuses - the concept of infusing the essense of Desert Blend botanicals into haircolor.

The desert is synonymous with dryness, similar to the scalp.  Our goal was to create a haircolor with the uniqueness of nourishing the scalp care and conditioning properties.  Desert plants have an evolved sophisticated system that enable them to more efficiently use and conserve the water available to them.

Key Benefits

  • Gently raises the pH of the hair for optimal deposition
  • Ensures even openings of the hair cuticle
  • Allows colorants to penetrate deep into the cortex
  • Ability to deposit without shifting the base
  • Removes easily from hair
  • Key ingredients that prevent fading

Colors Included:

  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Natural Dark Brown
  • Natural Medium Brown
  • Natural Light Brown
  • Dark Copper Blonde
  • Light Red Brown
  • Natural Dark Blonde
  • Dark Vanilla Blonde
  • Dark Mahogany Blonde
  • Dark Ash Blonde
  • Dark Cool Blonde
  • Dark Beige Blonde
  • Dark Golden Blonde
  • Natural Medium Blonde
  • Medium Copper Blonde
  • Medium Red Blonde
  • Natural Light Blonde
  • Light Natural Ash Blonde
  • Light Vanilla Blonde (2)
  • Light Ash Blonde
  • Light Cool Blonde
  • Light Beige Blonde (2)
  • Light Opal Blonde
  • Light Golden Blonde
  • Natural Very Light Blonde
  • Very Light Violet Platnium Blonde
  • Very Light Pearl Blonde (2)
  • Very Light Copper Brown
  • Natural Lightest Blonde (2)