Redlands, California

Lupe Voss began her career as an educator in 1998 and hasn’t stopped seeking new ways to color hair since. A gifted and passionate educator, Lupe has helped countless colorists around the globe to flourish in their career. She also founded and co-owned the highly successful Julian August salon in Redlands, California for 32 years. 

Her enthusiasm and unparalleled technical abilities has led to her success as one of the most desirable color educators in North America, with full classes and empowered students. Lupe founded the Hair Color Magic™ education program through which she has primed and inspired countless hair industry professionals to pursue their creative dreams. She brings that same passion and dedication to CS Ed. education program.

Her educational philosophy teaches creative placement, technique and the art of formulation for unique and flawless, customized color. Lupe is known for her technical acumen and "real-life" classroom style. She has a passion for learning and a heartfelt desire to make learning fun. A truly warm and caring individual, Lupe epitomizes the true spirit of inspirational education.

She loves interacting with colorists outside the classroom and is very active on social media as a way of reaching out and engaging with audiences from around the world.


Toronto, Ontario

Vanessa’s talents have propelled her into the world of editorial, television and stage work and she finds inspiration for her creativity through fashion and travel. Patient, eager to share her knowledge and with a down-to-earth attitude, Vanessa has a flair for color that is to be reckoned with.

Her passion for the beauty industry began in 1994 and she joined Civello Salons in 1998. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then she has evolved professionally both behind the chair and as an educator, lending her expertise to students and as a mentor to other colorists.

"Beautiful, believable hair color is my signature style". Says Vanessa of her approach to the world of hair color.


Toronto, Ontario

From her solid work ethic to her commitment to technical growth, Daisy is a formidable yet approachable educator and color consultant. She takes every opportunity in her professional role to share her passion and push the limits of hair color, in both education and business. Through all this, she maintains a fun-loving and humble approach to her work.

In the industry since 1987, Daisy has been featured as a guest artist and facilitator coast-to-coast in North America, and in Japan, Korea, and Italy. She has also been part of the creative team responsible for the 2007 Spring/Summer Portfolio Trends Collection “Vivid Manifesto” and has supported many Master Jams and Congress shows. Daisy credits her success to her mentors, namely Lupe Voss and Ray Civello for guiding her through her creative and professional evolution.


Toronto, Ontario

Originally a computer engineer in Silicon Valley, Sherman quit the high-tech world to pursue his passion of hairstyling. He eventually became an educator, creative director and education director for renowned hair brands such as Wella.

Sherman’s enthusiasm for developing leading education programs is matched by his focus on sharing his knowledge of the craft. He has participated and performed in hair shows across the world and is always trying to inspire and challenge the limits for the hairstyling industry. His goal is to cultivate education innovation in the beauty industry through different platforms and to reach as many people as possible.



Denver, Colorado

Luis’ commitment and dedication to perfecting his craft has paid off in some major ways. Not only is he the creative director and co-owner of VIDA Salons in Denver, CO (voted one of Salon Today’s Top 200 fastest growing salons in America!), but his passion for creating editorial images secured him a nomination for Hair Colorist of the Year at The North American Hairstyling Awards in 2018.

Luis’ collections have been published globally in salon industry magazines, and in fashion publications. His love for color and beauty landed him on the list of Top Colorists by Colorist Magazine.

His position as an educator at CS Ed. allows him to empower colorists to go beyond their limitations by focusing on all aspects of hair color. Luis’ ability to encourage and motivate stylists comes from his experience behind the chair and his relatable teaching style. As an educator, he inspires participants, which enables them to expand their knowledge and reach new levels of growth.


Chicago, Illinois

As creative director in her current Salon, Jen is inspired by pushing boundaries and giving her all. Outside the salon, she has trained backstage with several global guest artists, worked in North America and Milan, Italy and has taken part in New York and Miami's fashion weeks.

Jen’s creativity and eye for color has led to her being nominated for "NAHA’s Colorist Of The Year" multiple times and she loves passing her knowledge to her students. Jen believes that "When one teaches, one also learns." and she truly believes that education is the foundation to success.


Pewaukee, Wisconsin

As the founder of Trademark Salon, Morine understands the challenges of colorists, salon owners and hair color trainers in the industry. She brings a deep empathy to her teaching style and isn’t afraid to be transparent about her experiences as a professional.

Since the start of her hair professional journey Morine has been recognized as a distinguished industry leader, stylist and educator.

Her passion for teaching extends beyond the classroom and she connects with her students on social media through an open conversion. Morine isn’t afraid to push her students to achieve their best while remaining supportive, passionate and encouraging. Her teaching and learning philosophies are guided by the quote, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”


New York, New York

Dawn ignites passion and creativity in every single one of her classes. She’s truly dedicated to spreading her knowledge to her students and brings a wealth of experience to those she teaches. Since starting in the industry in 1992 Dawn has amassed a list of impressive accomplishments including having assisted numerous guest artists for creative photo shoots, and participating in several Purefessional™️ hair color launch training sessions.

As a master stylist that works behind the chair, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the world of hair color through strong consultations, creative formulations and customized technical placements.


Arlington, Virginia

Therese has a poetic approach to her craft and her technical knowledge makes her a sought-after colorist in the DC Metro area. She started her career in 2000 and in 2002 decided that connecting to other stylists through education was her chosen path. With an out-of-the-box teaching style and a keen eye for placement, she has been praised by both students and teachers alike. Combining her creativity with an impressive work ethic, Therese travels the country sharing her love for learning.


Ogunquit, Maine

Jimmy credits his success as a master colorist and trainer to his empathetic approach and a keen understanding of class participants’ needs. Sharing information in an interactive and approachable way is another way he relates to his students and how he measures his success as an educator.

In addition to an impressive list of credentials and mentors he’s trained with, Jimmy has cultivated trusting, long-term relationships with an amazing group of salons that span several decades. He is our CS Ed. color educator and consultant for programs and salons in the Northeast.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Taylor’s hairdressing career began under the guidance of mentor Daisy Colina and his skills quickly grew through travel opportunities. From assisting at international hair shows to working alongside renowned hair artists and educators, he has been honing his skills since 2005. As the creative director at Civello South Granville in Vancouver, BC, Taylor mentored countless stylists through leading education.

From working backstage at New York Fashion Week, Juno Awards and his appearances on CTV life, Taylor is passionate about sharing his love for his work.


Columbus, Ohio

Being part of the CS Ed. has forever changed the way Haley looks at formulating color. Haley has had intensive training in color theory and formulation. She has attended classes from coast to coast to learn advanced color techniques and formulations. She has also had the pleasure of working backstage to support hair shows for international artists.

When Haley is not teaching, she brings her lively and energetic style to working behind the chair in Columbus OH, while also working as the salon’s education director.

“Getting other professionals to start seeing color in a new way is what keeps me passionate about what I do!”


Montreal, Quebec

Josée Lebrun was born into a hairdressing environment and her mother was her first mentor. Her professional debut as a hair color educator in Montreal in 1998 as a salon coach at Tonic was a lifelong dream come true.

As an educator, Josee trains and certifies many new hair color educators, finding inspiration in sharing her extensive knowledge with her students. She has been working with both Ray Civello and Lupe Voss for many years, and after all this time she is still curious, passionate and dedicated to learning and sharing her knowledge with the hairdressing world.


Beaumont, California

After completing her education in Denver Colorado in 204, Nicole moved to sunny Southern California to work alongside one of the best colorists in the industry. That’s when she found her passion for education and bringing knowledge and love for the industry to others. She believes that you’re only as good as the last head of you did and that learning never stops.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

Ashley began her career as a hairstylist in 2007 under the mentorship of Lupe Voss. While honing her skills behind the chair and learning the importance of continued education, she also pursued a bachelor’s degree in creative writing at the university of California San Diego.

As an independent stylist she has been able to explore many facets of hairstyling including hairpainting education, intuitive color and the movement towards green beauty. She considers herself a forever student (in and out of the salon), and hopes to inspire others to never stop learning.


Vernon, British Columbia

Since beginning her career, Katie has been committed to growing and developing her skills both as a professional and educator. Eager to share her knowledge, she’s been a proud member of the Hair Color Magic education team since 2016 while owning multiple salons across British Columbia.

She works full-time behind the chair and leads a team of successful stylists. Her hands-on approach allows her to connect deeply with her clients, employees and class participants and she inspires them to grow as salon professionals. Combining a business-savvy approach with color creativity, Katie brings a balanced point of view to class participants.

Elevating her craft, whether behind the chair or as an educator, Katie is dedicated to the world of hair styling and color and strives to push her creative limits at every opportunity.


Greenbay, Wisconsin

Katy started her career as a stylist at the Horst salon in Minneapolis. Since then she has progressed to be a manager and educator, continuously expanding her professional development through coaching and education. For multiple years she has supported a service environment that was in the top 200 of Salon Today.

Her work as a Salon Development Partner and educator has inspired her to share her knowledge and help salons grow through developing trusting relationships and taking advantage of any opportunity for growth.


Mint Hill, North Carolina

With over 25 years behind the chair, Angela, or Angie as she prefers to be called, is passionate about sharing her accumulated knowledge with other hair industry professionals. She works as the Artistic Director of hair color for Carmen! Carmen! Prestige Salon in Charlotte, NC, oversees the salon’s new talent training program and mentors new stylists for Carmen! Carmen! Prestige’s 10 locations.

Angie has had the privilege of working behind the stage at Charlotte Fashion Week and has been involved in runway shows for Neiman Marcus. Through all this, Angie says her greatest accomplishment though, was working with the “Make-a-wish foundation”.


Bonaire, Georgia

Cade’s multi-faceted career in the beauty industry spans over 20 years. As a master colorist, business owner, educator, coach and mentor, Cade has had experience in almost every aspect of the business. He has a deeply creative and passionate approach and blends sensible business ideas with technical artistry for a holistic process. His creativity, enthusiasm and extensive technical knowledge has made him a well-sought resource for business owners, stylists and salons across the country who are looking to achieve growth and expand their knowledge base.