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First 100% scientifically calibrated hair color line
o High-performance calibrated, easy to understand formulas; vegan and cruelty-free line offer less fading and frizz reduction
o Superior coverage, shine, and results from the micro dye molecules through multi-fraction technology.
o Ingredients thoughtfully selected to beneficial to client’s hair and scalp with 100% naturally derived ingredients


Color Space is priced to offer 30% to 60% savings on cost per hair color application when compared with competitive hair color products, leading to reduced operating cost in professional hair services.


UNIMIX, a new automated mechanical hair color mixer, improves colorists and client’s hair color experience.
o Colorists will experience perfectly blended hair color for precise application and the benefit of reducing processing time by 30%.
o UNIMIX reduces client’s scalp irritation and sensitivity by properly mixing and activating key ingredients in hair color, which in turns improves client’s hair color experience.


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